We released an API for the RequirementsLive platform in Q4 of last year.

Basically, the API allows other programs and systems to talk with our platform and perform any of the operations available to a normal end-user. When the development team told me how important this was for the future of our business, I was a bit skeptical. It turns out, they were right. Within two months of the release, several of our major clients are utilizing the API extensively, and it’s hard to imagine how we lived without it for so long.

In one implementation, we are aggregating data from a client’s CEM vendor in real-time onto Operational Dashboards that display information about all aspects of that client’s business. In another use, the API is used to insert records into our platform to be resolved in our case management module. In other cases, the API is being used to get internal audit data out of the platform, and for once we’re not having to setup extensive batch file processes to accommodate customer requests.

The net effect of all this development is our clients’ ability to provide their end-users with everything they need to see and do in one place, even if they are utilizing a variety of software systems to operate effectively at an enterprise level.