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SupplyChainMetrix™ (SMX) is an enterprise solution for achieving Active Managerial Control across complex supply chain and partner networks.

Built on a powerful platform, designed to adapt with dynamic business and regulatory environments, SMX provides a comprehensive solution for achieving Transparency, Control and Compliance.

Take Control Of Your Partner Network

Supply Chain | SMX

Manage With Confidence

A Connected Network

Manage your entire supply chain and partner network through a single, integrated and connected system.

Consolidated & Managed

A single solution for status, performance and management of all quality and compliance activities.

Adapts With Your Business

Easily add new suppliers, partners, products and services as your business scales.

Partner Onboarding | SupplyChainMetrix™

Onboard New Partners

Onboarding new partners quickly and efficiently provides strategic advantages when introducing new products and expanding into new markets. Reviewing and approving those suppliers in a structured and consistent manner is critical to ensuring compliance and reducing risk to your brand.


Process Driven


Task Management


Onboarding workflow with SupplyChainMetrix™
Partner Onboarding

Streamlined approval process ensures compliance

  • Evaluate, review and approve new suppliers, distributors and service providers
  • Intelligent forms ensure necessary documents and data are captured
  • Account for regional, country, risk or product category requirements

Orchestrated work & collaboration

  • Workflows enforce that processes are followed and decisions are made by SMEs
  • Alerts, notifications and escalations ensure critical deadlines are met
  • Tasks with clear instructions are created and tracked for every participant

Product Lifecycle Management | SupplyChainMetrix™

Manage Product Design

SMX simplifies the complexity of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with process-driven tools for authoring, collaboration and ongoing management of Product Specifications & Product Information Forms. Manage your products from concept to launch, maintain revisions, and support multiple variations with ease.

Author Specifications


Manage Revision and Variations

Product Information Forms & Product Tracking

Product Management with SupplyChainMetrix™
Product Lifecycle Management

Data-rich Product Specifications

  • Supports concept, region, country and product category requirements
  • Manage formulations, finished product standards and process control points
  • Manage packaging, labeling and graphics, shelf life requirements
  • Automated calculations for weights, measures and nutrition
  • Rule-based detection of allergens and cross contamination

Full lifecycle management

  • Collaborate across departments and with suppliers on product requirements
  • Align products with suppliers and facilities
  • Create approved product lists by region and country
  • Track product volumes, pricing and distribution for all partners

Change control ensures precision

  • Authoring, approval workflows
  • Manage revisions and variations
  • Automatically communicate product updates to partners
  • Track Material Review Board (MRB) findings and decisions

Quality & Compliance | SupplyChainMetrix™

Monitor Quality & Compliance

Maintaining product and partner quality and compliance as you scale is imperative to protecting your brand’s value, reputation and customer’s safety. SMX automates your quality and compliance programs, identifies critical issues, and provides comprehensive closed-loop Corrective and Preventive Actions workflow and Incident and Recall Management capabilities.

Corrective and Preventive Actions


Incident and Recall Management

Quality and Compliance with SupplyChainMetrix™
Quality & Compliance Monitoring

Everything you need, in one system

  • Facility audits, inspections and certifications
  • Sensory, microbiological, physical and chemical tests
  • Fully integrated with master data and product specifications

Identify issues, remediate & improve

  • Identify and categorize critical issues and findings
  • Closed-loop Corrective and Preventive Actions with workflow and reporting
  • Manage quality and compliance issues with incident management
  • Manage product withdrawals & recall communications, responses, and measure overall effectiveness

Master Data Management | SupplyChainMetrix™

Comprehensive Record Management

With SMX, supply chain partner records are complete, organized and always up-to-date. Integrate content from any source, into a single system of record that provides transparency throughout your supply chain. Automated collaboration tools help streamline partner data collection, and administrative management controls ensure the integrity of your supplier records.


Relational Data

Document Management

Data & System Integration

Master Data with SupplyChainMetrix™
Master Data Management

Single system-of-record

  • Access supplier, distributor and service provider data
  • Manage locations, contacts, documents and related records
  • Define business units, regions, departments and workflow roles
  • Model any corporate hierarchy and data relationships

Reliable data, efficiently managed

  • Automated data collection and collaboration tools
  • Robust document management with acknowledgement and signature workflows
  • Monitoring and task management for expired documents
  • Change management controls allow for partner updates of master data

Integrated with your business

  • Easy integration with internal systems and trading partners
  • Multilingual with support for currencies and units of measure
  • Granular user roles and permissions provide controlled access

Reporting & Insights | SupplyChainMetrix™

Powerful Insights & Actionable Intelligence

SMX’s Reporting & Insights provides transparency, actionable data and the insights you need to manage your supply chain with confidence. Dashboards and KPI’s provide real-time status, so your quality and compliance team is always informed. For deeper insights and performance metrics across your entire partner network, SMX delivers powerful reporting, analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Supplier Scorecards


Dashboards & KPI's

Business Intelligence

Reporting and Insights with SupplyChainMetrix™
Reporting & Insights

Status at your fingertips

  • Monitor supplier and partner onboarding processes
  • View compliance and quality status across your supply chain
  • Manage-by-exception with prioritized action items

Measure what matters, drive performance

  • Supplier performance scorecards designed for your business
  • Product performance by category, country, region and supplier type
  • Identify risks, trends and root cause for all compliance and quality programs
  • Audit trails and automated record keeping of critical activities

Connect your data for deeper insights

  • Integrate external data for correlations and deeper insights
  • Export refreshable web-queries to Microsoft Excel
  • Automatic integration with CMX Business Intelligence
  • Export to third-party BI and Big Data platforms
  • Robust APIs and web services for real-time integration

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