San Diego, Calif. – April 28, 2014 – ComplianceMetrix LLC (CMX), the leading provider of cloud-based Brand-Performance, Operational Excellence and Quality Management solutions will unveil its latest platform release at the 2014 NRA Show, May 17-20 in Chicago, IL.

CMX introduced the first Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the Food and Hospitality industry in 2008 to address the unique challenges of large, decentralized, multi-unit operations. Today over 150 of the world’s leading brands leverage CMX to manage operational, risk and brand performance initiatives for Marketing, Operations, Food Safety, Quality, Guest Experience and Supply Chain.

The CMX core offering delivers a powerful data collection and auditing engine that manages over a million checklists, assessments and audits per year, with more than 3 million related activities. At the 2014 NRA Show, CMX will showcase its latest release, which builds on the CMX core to address the market demand for cross-platform mobile applications and sophisticated reporting on large data sets. This latest release includes multi-language support, a “mobile-optimized” user-interface, off-line capabilities for Windows and Android, support for geo-tagging and integration with Google Maps for geographic visualizations. A fully-integrated Business Intelligence (BI) Platform has been added to support advanced reporting and the entire platform is now API enabled to provide seamless integration with internal and external applications.

President and CEO Mitch Porche stated, “Second to people, data is the most important tool for enhancing brand performance, yet there are very few companies in the food industry with a cohesive information management strategy. Instead they are focused on sales and marketing, leaving the rest of the business to operate with paper, desktop productivity tools and a few purpose-built products. He adds, “The best companies in the world understand the power of data and they use it strategically, not just to drive sales, but to optimize performance in all aspects of their business. When you get to scale, it’s the many small improvements that add up to create differentiation. Risk mitigation will always be a central theme for CMX, but we’ve found a very special niche in brand performance and its incredibly rewarding to see the impact that we are making. Our platform and approach is moving the needle, but there is still so much runway ahead. This latest release is another big step forward and there’s more to come.”

Jim Hardeman, EVP of Enterprise Solutions says, “We’re a customer-focused technology company, which means we’re always thinking about how we can do more for our customers. All of our investment in people, process and technology is focused on meeting customer needs or anticipating them, so we’re ready when they are. At some point, most technology companies hit the wall and can’t deliver, or they miss a technology trend because they couldn’t evolve fast enough. This is because they have a product and products are designed to do few things very well, but adapting isn’t one of them. That’s why we built a platform-technology that’s built for change, designed to evolve with technology trends and is easy to integrate with other systems. We’re able to keep pace with our customer’s businesses and provide them with the confidence to innovate. He adds, “It’s gratifying to be in the business of surprising and delighting your customers, but more often than not it’s our customers who surprise us – once they figure out what they can accomplish with our platform.”

About ComplianceMetrix

ComplianceMetrix (CMX) is a platform technology and performance-services company focused on protecting, enhancing and transforming brands. Over 150 of the world’s leading companies in the Food andHospitality industry partner with CMX to help them “execute well, on the things that matter most.” Solutions include Operational Excellence, Food Safety, Restaurant Operations, Customer Experience and Supply Chain Quality Management. CMX solutions are powered by a technology platform which allows for rapid deployment of configurable web and mobile applications designed to collect, manage and measure critical business data.

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