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Achieve Operational Excellence with OperationsMetrix™ (OMX). Transform your Brand Standards into repeatable, process-driven operational activities for Operations and Compliance.

OMX communicates your brand expectations, ensures action, and coordinates follow-through. It combines checklists, assessments, case management and workflow, to provide a comprehensive and systematic approach for operational execution.

Execute Well On The “Things That Matter Most”

Operations | OPEX

Enable Operations, Drive Performance

Active Managerial Control

Execute complex operational and compliance activities in decentralized operating environments.

Manage with Confidence

Workflow-driven Case Management enforces action and follow-through on critical issues.

Brand Performance

Connect operational activities to organizational outcomes to ensure your team is “executing well on the things that matter most.”

Content Management | OperationsMetrix™

Single-Source For Operational Content

Our powerful content management module enables the creation, collaboration, and distribution of Brand Standards, Policies, Procedures, Audits, Checklists, Tasks and Routines. It works as a stand-alone application, or part of the integrated suite of applications for operationalizing compliance and executing Active Managerial Control.


Manage Content

Build Forms

Approval Workflow

Content Management with OperationsMetrix™
Content Management

Your operational playbook

  • Manage policies, procedures and brand standards
  • Build audits, self-assessments, checklists and tasks
  • Author business reviews and operational activities
  • Incorporate rich text, attachments and media
  • Dynamic content linking and unlimited meta-data

Controlled & managed for peace-of-mind

  • Flexible user-roles and permissions (employees, customers and partners)
  • Assign content based on your organizational hierarchy
  • Workflow-enabled authoring, reviews and distribution

Activity Management | OperationsMetrix™

Design & Manage Operational Systems

Deliver on your brand standards with precision and confidence – transform your operating procedures into operational activities and routines delivered over a powerful Business Automation Platform. OperationsMetrix helps to ensure that your operating team is “executing well on the things that matter most,” so your management team can focus on the exceptions.

Build Programs & Routines


Schedule Tasks & Activities

Corrective and Preventive Actions

Activity Management with OperationsMetrix™
Activity Management

Inform your team

  • Real-time communication of brand standards and policies
  • Transform policies and procedures into step-by-step actions

Execute with consistency & confidence

  • Communicate priorities with notifications and tasks
  • Prescribe activities and routines to ensure consistent execution
  • Time, day-part and role-based scheduling
  • Real-time assignments triggered by rules and events

Measure what matters

  • Continuous measurement with self-assessments
  • Coach and mentor with business and operational reviews
  • Verify compliance with integrated internal and third-party audits

Continuous improvement

  • Corrective Actions ensure closed-loop remediation
  • Incident management captures “out-of-process” issues
  • Workflow provides escalations and process transparency

Master Data | OperationsMetrix™

Comprehensive Record Management

OperationsMetrix™ provides comprehensive record management for the essential data that drives your operational programs. Our Master Data solution can model any organizational hierarchy and supports unlimited custom attributes for facilities, locations and employees. Data can be integrated from other enterprise systems or OperationsMetrix™ can serve as the primary system-of-record and be administered through a management user-interface.


Organizational Hierarchy

User Management

Data Integration

Master Data with OperationsMetrix™
Master Data Management

Flexible data model – fits your business

  • Supports any corporate organizational and reporting structure
  • Create and manage business units, divisions, locations and departments
  • Define custom attributes for segmentation, content assignment and reporting

User management for the enterprise

  • Granular user role and permissions provide controlled access
  • Manage employee roles, reporting access and notifications
  • Assign workflows to users and roles
  • Manage employee roles, reporting access and notifications

Seamless enterprise integration

  • Supports Active Directory type services and Single Sign-on providers
  • Easy integration through batch-feeds and API’s

Reporting & Insights | OperationsMetrix™

Powerful Insights & Actionable Intelligence

Your operational programs generate mountains of data. OperationsMetrix™ does the heavy lifting to make your operational data actionable, informative and insightful. Actionable data leverages workflow to ensure action, by the right people, at the right time. Dashboards, KPI’s and Performance Reports provide real-time status on all of your operational programs. For deeper insights we offer a fully-integrated Business Intelligence platform.

Performance Reporting

Dashboards & KPI's

Business Intelligence

Reporting and Insights with OperationsMetrix™
Reporting & Insights

Status at your fingertips

  • Instant completion status on critical operational programs
  • Identify risks before they become problems
  • Comparative performance of activities across organizational hierarchy and geography

Understand what drives performance

  • Performance metrics identify risks and trends across all activities
  • Geo-coded issues illuminate geographic trends and risks
  • User-defined reports deliver insights at every level in your organization

Integrate external data for deeper insights

  • Integrate external data for correlations and deeper insights
  • Export refreshable web-queries to Microsoft Excel
  • Automatic integration with CMX Business Intelligence
  • Export to third-party BI and Big Data platforms
  • Robust APIs and Web Services for real-time integration

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