On September 30, 2017, we released our most recent update to the CMX Quality, Risk and Compliance Platform. While version 7.44 of the platform included a number of bug fixes and new enhancements for managing and searching queues of records, the primary focus of the release was to enhance the experience and performance our Native Clients and introduce our new MacOS Client.

Native Clients are an important part of our offering, allowing users to “Work Anywhere – Get More Done”. The CMX Native Clients are designed to enable individuals and teams to securely access key information and perform work while in the field, whether working online or offline.

With the Native Clients, users can:

  • Work online in connected mode with full site functionality
  • Automatically switch between online and offline mode when internet connection is lost or weak
  • Proactively take records and assignments offline to work disconnected
  • Complete audits, assessments, inspections, certifications, checklists, and forms offline and sync the results when online
  • Sync content in bulk or in increments using “Whisper Sync”
  • Capture pictures and videos as part of assignments or when responding to Corrective Actions

Native IOS, Android, and Windows Client Enhancements

  • Upgraded “FastClick” Library to improve touch response times
  • Faster loading and rendering of content in Online and Offline modes
  • Much faster loading of “large workbooks” that have a significant number of topics, questions and business logic
  • Improved Background Content Sync logic and error handling
  • New logic for “cascading deletes of artifacts” allowing for improved clean up of local files after content sync
  • Improved speed of Dictionary handling for language translations

MacOS – New!

CMX is also pleased to announce our new MacOS Client! Available in beta format for now, the MacOS Client allows users to experience the full native client experience on a Mac just like IOS, Android and Windows. This new option will be a great addition to our offering and will provide Mac users a rich native experience.

If you have questions regarding this release or want to learn more, please contact us at sales@compliancemetrix.com