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AuditMetrix™ (AMX) is a suite of cloud and mobile applications designed for large-scale Audit, Inspection and Certification programs.

It provides full lifecycle management, from operations to field-execution, and supports the most complex operating environments.

Take Control Of Your Auditing Programs

Audit Management | AMX

Ensure Compliance, Reduce Risk


More than three-million audits and inspections are conducted every year on AuditMetrix™.


Designed for large-scale audit and inspection companies, AuditMetrix™ easily scales up or down to meet the needs of internal, departmental, second-party and third-party compliance programs.


Cloud and mobile applications that are built-for-change, designed to work the way you do business – delivered on a powerful platform that’s scalable, resilient, adaptable and secure.

Content Management | AuditMetrix™

Manage Policy & Audit Content

Behind every large audit and inspection program there’s a complex web of critical content to manage. AuditMetrix™ delivers a powerful Content Management System with specialized capabilities for authoring and managing Audit Forms, Brand Standards, Policies & Procedures. It supports dynamic relationships between audit forms and policy content, to ensure the integrity of your content and reduce administrative overhead; flexible workflow facilitates collaboration while enforcing internal content review protocols.


Author content

Build Forms

Manage Change

Content Management with AuditMetrix™
Content Management

Consolidate & streamline content

  • Centralized repository for brand standards, policies, procedures and tests
  • Easily integrates with corporate employee training systems and media
  • Supports versioning, categorization and permissioning

Rich, intelligent & connected

  • Content authoring tools with rich text, attachments and media
  • Build unlimited audits, assessments, inspections and checklists
  • Dynamic content linking and metadata and key-word tagging

Controlled & managed for peace-of-mind

  • Flexible Security – model your organization’s hierarchy
  • Workflow-enabled authoring, reviews and distribution
  • Controlled distribution to customers and partners

Program Management | AuditMetrix™

Build & Manage Programs

AuditMetrix™ provides the operational tools to deliver audit, inspection and certification programs, with precision and efficiency. Configure and manage complex recurring services, with specialized capabilities designed for operating large-scale programs.

Build Programs


Define Protocols

Manage Workflow

Program Management with AuditMetrix™
Program Management

Programs designed for how you operate

  • Define custom services with service-specific settings
  • Supports service versions for program changes over time
  • Service-level pricing and terms supports accounting and invoicing

Set your team up for success

  • Set announcement protocols and auditor instructions
  • Define auditor qualifications and required certifications
  • Configure pre and post audit documents and workflows

Tailored for your business processes

  • Service-specific Corrective and Preventive Action and review processes
  • Line item and observational repeat detection
  • 20+ scoring options and 10 risk levels

Scheduling & Assignment | AuditMetrix™

Schedule & Assign Services

Robust and coordinated operational systems ensure that the right people deliver the right service, at the right time. AuditMetrix™ provides a suite of tools with specialized capabilities for each phase of operations, designed to work in concert to provide an efficient and coordinated program.

Smart Scheduling

Route Optimization

Shared Calendars

Scheduling and Assignment with AuditMetrix™
Scheduling & Assignment

Complex planning & scheduling made easy

  • Supports periodic and batch scheduling
  • Scheduling windows provide flexibility and optimal route planning
  • Automated scheduling of re-audits based on business rules
  • Blackout dates and times set by service and location
  • Automatic assignment by service and auditor qualifications

Optimized routes save time & money

  • Calculate “expected audit time” and “predictive travel time”
  • Auto-generate “lowest cost” schedules and routes
  • Google Maps™ integration to calculate waypoints and directions

Shared Calendars keep everyone informed

  • Individual auditor calendars track availability
  • Master calendars roll-up to provide program-level schedules
  • Calendars by client, service and organizational hierarchy

Audits, Inspections & Certifications | AuditMetrix™

An Expert System For Audits & Inspections

AuditMetrix™ is the most advanced audit, inspection and certification tool in the market, designed and built for professional auditors in high-volume, complex environments. Reduce variability, accelerate training and improve accuracy with unique capabilities like conditional questions and branching logic. Improve efficiency through automation of findings, notes and recommended corrective actions.


Intelligent Forms

Device Integration


Audits and Inspections with AuditMetrix™
Audits & Inspections

Intelligent Forms make every Auditor an expert

  • Conditional questions with unlimited branching logic
  • Auto-generated findings integrated with a powerful rules-engine
  • Identify systemic issues with automated repeat detection
  • Integration with Brand Standards, Policies & Procedures
  • Addendums and attachments

Audit with precision and efficiency

  • Built-in auditor instructions and customer protocols
  • Conversions of weights, measures and dates
  • Auto-generated findings & notes
  • Timer controls and photography
  • Sensor device integration
  • Recommended Corrective Actions

Anywhere, on any device

  • Internet not required – full offline capabilities
  • Windows™, Android™ and iOS™ supported

Corrective Actions | AuditMetrix™

Closed-Loop Corrective & Preventive Actions

Your audit, inspection and certification programs demand action. AuditMetrix™ helps your team stay focused on the most important issues, while ensuring that nothing “falls through the cracks”. Rules-driven workflow drives priority, communications and escalations to ensure closed-loop resolution.


Workflow & Escalations

Alerts & Notifications

Mobile Optimized

Corrective Actions with AuditMetrix™

Focus on what matters most

  • Configurable rules define risk, criticality and process
  • Repeat detection identifies systemic problems
  • Many-to-many relationships between findings and Corrective Actions

Leverage technology to drive action

  • Automated creation of Corrective and Preventive Action Plans
  • Provide recommended course of actions for consistency and efficiency
  • Workflow-driven review and approval process

Keep everyone informed

  • Rules-based alerts, tasks, notifications and escalations
  • One-click mobile access from any device

Master Data Management | AuditMetrix™

Comprehensive Record Management

AuditMetrix™ provides centralized record management for employees, customers, partners, locations, facilities and contacts. Custom attributes can be added to any record through a simple administrative interface; robust change management and granular permissions ensure the integrity of your data. It’s an enterprise solution, built to provide a master system-of-record in mission-critical environments. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, data silos and incomplete records – AMX has everything you need to operate your programs with confidence.

Accounts & Locations

User Management

Organizational Hierarchy

Master Data with AuditMetrix™
Master Data Management

Comprehensive record management

  • Master record for accounts, locations, facilities and contacts
  • Centralized program and service details
  • Document repository with change control

Accurate & automated

  • Easy integration with corporate directories, accounting, and general ledger systems
  • Supports multiple Single Sign-On (SSO) standards
  • Supports real-time and batch data feeds

Flexible data model to fit your business

  • Data and security model can adapt to support any corporate reporting structure
  • Unlimited custom user and location attributes
  • Configurable user roles and permissions

Reporting & Insights | AuditMetrix™

Powerful Insights, Actionable Intelligence

AuditMetrix™ provides actionable intelligence for every level of your organization. Data-visualizations and KPI’s provide program status, and Business Intelligence (BI) delivers deep insights across all of your audit and inspection programs.

Dashboards & KPI's

Performance Reporting

Data Integration

Reporting and Insights with AuditMetrix™
Reporting & Insights

Status at your fingertips

  • KPI’s across all audit and inspection programs
  • Program-level and Service-level status
  • Corrective and Preventive Action Plan completion status

Program-level analysis & insights

  • Top issues ranked by frequency and risk
  • Multi-period trends with line-item detail
  • Findings and Repeat-Findings
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Re-audit comparison
  • Auditor consistency and accuracy

Enrich through integration

  • Integrate external data for correlations and deeper insights
  • Export refreshable web-queries to Microsoft Excel
  • Automatic integration with CMX Business Intelligence
  • Export to third-party BI and Big Data platforms
  • Robust APIs and Web Services for real-time integration

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